Coine.rs is an open wiki about people and companies behind cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

While cryptocurrencies are meant to be decentralized, open-source, made for people, by people, at this moment in time, there is not enough information about the persons behind them. A lot of responsibility lies on the shoulders of wallet developers, exchanges, core members, mining pool operators, and more. Coine.rs is meant to offer the community more access to information surrounding the cryptocurrency market.

Any attempt meant to modify a certain aspect of a cryptocurrency code puts big money at stake, and has to be handled with a lot of care. There are also cases when certain companies or individuals would like to influence a cryptocurrency in their own interests. However, if information on these people is out in the open, their motives can be understood more clearly, while the digital currency will also get the potential to become more open.

Together with this, it is also essential to understand what background influential people behind cryptocurrencies have. For example, if ‘John’ wants to, for example, make Bitcoin inflationary instead of deflationary, the public should be able to know whether John has a background in economics, and whether he should be in the position to make such a decision.

Anyone can participate in Coine.rs wiki! You are welcome to add articles about individuals and companies, edit existing ones, comment on them and carry out more in-depth research. The wiki was created by Nikita Zhavoronkov, a Russian cryptocurrency expert, with the initial articles written by a British professional journalist, Daniel Dob, who writes for various cryptocurrency news sites.

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