Jeff Garzik Jeff Garzik
Residence USA
Affiliations Bitcoin Core (Developer with commit access), Bitcoin Classic (Developer with commit access), BitPay (Developer), Bloq (Co-founder)

Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik represents one of the most known Bitcoin developers with direct access to the Bitcoin Core repository, he is responsible for many of the current system implementations. He is also well-known as an American Red Hat engineer.


Garzik studied computer science over at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, from 1992 to 1996 when he graduated1. Since that, he has taken numerous employment opportunities and has worked on various projects, most of which contributed to Bitcoin, but also the Internet in general. In fact, Garzik is responsible for writing the original push-pool daemon that is currently being used by all of the pooled miners today. He is also the author of numerous programs and firms such as ethtool, Bloq, Bitcoin Watch and more. Together with this, it’s also worth pointing out that he is a strong advocate of Bitcoin and Austrian Economics, who believes that the main benefit of Bitcoin is its deflationary aspect, which makes it superior when compared to fiat.

Work Experience

His Curriculum Vitae includes the following work experience1:

Web Developer at CNN. Prior to graduating, in 1995, Garzik was employed as a web developer, over at CNN, a prestigious employee. In fact, during his two years of employment over there, Garzik helped develop the initial website, and then, place it on the web.

Principal Software Engineer at RedHat. Following a couple of projects that he took part in after his CNN employment, Garzik was hired by RedHat, where he quickly earned the position of Principal Software Engineer, which lasted for ten years and eight months, from October 2002, to May 2013. During his time spent at RedHat, he worked with the Linux kernel and carried out cloud engineering.

Founder at Dunvegan Space Systems. Garzik is well known for his love of the space, which is probably why he decided to found Dunvegan Space Systems. The idea behind the company is to build the physical, financial and virtual infrastructure needed to allow space exploration, and settlement once the time is right.

Developer at BitPay

Garzik was later hired by BitPay where he carried out Bitcoin development and helped stabilize the platform, which later became one of the most popular companies on the Bitcoin market.

Co-Founder at Bloq

While there is not much information about Bloq at this time, the project is believed as ambitious, and might just be one of Garzik’s greatest successes.

Bitcoin Core Developer

Just like it may already be expected, Garzik is also a Bitcoin Core developer, where he looks for various issues in the Bitcoin protocol and tries to fix them, while also implementing various changes meant to improve the Bitcoin protocol and ensure safer transactions for Bitcoin users worldwide.

Bitcoin Classic Developer

Recently, Garzik stated2 that he supports Bitcoin Classic and joined the team as a developer. Little is known about his current position in Bitcoin Classic.


As it may already be known, the Bitcoin blocksize debate has quickly managed to divide the Bitcoin community into separate teams. While one side believes that a quick and strong blocksize increase is fundamental to the future of Bitcoin, the other believes that blocksize should be increased, by gradually, in order to avoid affecting the market.

Garzik has proposed increasing the blocksize limit over to 2MB3, which is a move that will likely happen soon enough. In terms of Bitcoin itself, Garzik believes that its decentralized state makes it a much better and fairer means of carrying out commerce. While it’ll likely take a while before Bitcoin becomes mainstream, just like it happened when the euro was released, the change is happening, and further development should be seen in the following years.


Bitcoin activists and evangelists like me have a bunch of answers. It's borderless, it's irreversible, and there's low risk of fraud.4

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