Jonas Schnelli Jonas Schnelli
Residence Switzerland
Affiliations Bitcoin Core (Developer with commit access)

Jonas Schnelli

Jonas Schnelli is yet another important Bitcoin Core developer, which has played an important role in fixing many of the bugs the system has dealt with until now. When it comes down to his online presence, Schnelli may just be one of the most discreet developers, as he lacks a LinkedIn profile, and most of his work revolves along coding, with no published interviews. Regardless of this, his reach is far, due to his superior programming skills, and set of ideas.


According to his Twitter account3, prior to becoming a fulltime Bitcoin Core developer, Schnelli has worked on various projects as a programmer, thus bringing them success. Based in Switzerland, Jonas, who is an avid Bitcoin enthusiast is also a father, and according to him, a zen-monk aspirant. Due to his strong belief in the potential of the cryptocurrency, he has decided to invest his available time into bringing Bitcoin forward.

Work Experience

At this moment in time, there is little information available about Schnelli’s work experience prior to becoming a fulltime Bitcoin Core developer.

Founder of include7

include7 represents a company founded by Schnelli, which has brought forward multiple iPhone apps that have managed to score fairly well. Some of these include SBB Mobile, Slope Track, The Look, Sammy4me, SwissSnow, Gleis7, Yerorno, Coins, Swiss Events, Badewetter, Unzip and more. Apart from developing a wide variety of apps, the company also deals with other projects, such as technical consulting, extensive app testing, software implementation, integration of CMS systems, assistance in various projects and more.

Bitcoin Core Developer

Schnelli has been a Bitcoin Core developer for a good period of time. Based on his GitHub profile1, he has worked on fixing numerous bugs, but also on adding various functions to the protocol. Recently, Schnelli has been named2 the new GUI maintainer of the Bitcoin Core due to his recent activity, which includes visualizing network statistics, redesigning icons, and continuously improving user experience, which, according to Wladimir van der Laan, is something that the Bitcoin Core needs. While Schnelli has been leading the GUI department for a while, the naming makes it more official. According to Wladimir, Schnelli will be handling all sorts of GUI-related issues, over on the GitHub tracker, while also assisting and merging on various GUI-related pull requests.


Who would regulate the regulators? And who would regulate the regulator’s regulator?4

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